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CEOs Diary | Chapter 11: How to Store Make Over in 5 steps

CEOs Diary | Chapter 11: How to Store Make Over in 5 steps

Myline Descamps |

We all heard about retail crisis but we are strong believers of in-store shopping experience. Covid-19 will pass and we must be ready to welcome customers craving for real-shopping ✨ 

So here are some tips to a French twist to reconnect retail and emotion. Oh yes it’s our tag line, did you ever notice ;)?

Step 1 : Empty the space to clear your mind

This first step is not the funniest but is how the mission starts: roll up your sleeves, remove and clean every product from the shelves and deep clean the space. We are now in front of an empty  space, our mind is clearer and  imagination is starting to grow.

Step 2: Keep basics retail rules in mind 

Store makeover means a fresh start but some basics rules need to be followed:
  • The store entrance is essential. It is the first part that people see when passing by as an essential space to show customers the range of products and sectors we offer.
  • Cashier's location is key yet tricky to decide. We chose to move it from the back to the middle of the store to be more connected and welcoming.
  • Reserve a space for seasonal lines:  We attract customers with what they are looking for following themes and festivities. Stepping in our Boutique, you'll see a selection of seasonal and curated products that we change regularly. 

Step 3 - Think outside the box

The French Wink Boutique is a concept store that we want to be unique. 
With our experiences in designing and creating pop-up stores for other brands the last 4 years, it's now in our DNA to know what we need to push forward. We like to mix and match, surprise and create a journey to France. The store is always moving and evolving. We always add new products, corners and ambiances. 

Step 4 : the importance of the storefront 

We want to immerge our customers in our universe starting from the store front - that's why brands are spending millions in their windows;). We love the work of floratorium, the storefront florist who helps businesses stand out!

We tried, at our humble level, to make you understand who we are with stickers on our window and a big tarpaulin on top of it.

French boutique illustration


Step 5 : Think 360

We're stepping in our customers' shoes and think about all their senses. Beyond the quality and the variety of your products, the storytelling starts by awaking all the senses.

The music

We are very picky regarding the store ambiance. So much that we curated a  French Wink playlist  just for the boutique! To be sure to transport you in France, with the classics but also with the new generations of French composers and singers that touch our souls and that we want to share. 

The fragrance
We are lucky enough to work with the best in term of indoor purification and home fragrance. So depending on our mood, we choose to room spray with Provence inspired fragrances or to light up a luxury Berger Lamp.
You know almost everything now ;) But we will keep some of our French Wink secrets ! It's now time to come to say  "Bonjour" to see it by yourself!!
With the new year and the addition of new brands (such ours 😉) we wanted a fresh start for 2021 starting with a new look of our Boutique.
Today ''baby it's cold outside'' so take refuge to grab comfort food and French goodies in our lovely French boutique, nested in the heart of Manhattan (245W 29th St, NYC)
And if you’d like to bring our warmth and French vibes into your town, contact us at, we are willing to expand our joie de vivre and open French Wink corners around the U.S.
🎶🎙 Merci to French singer Chloé Perrier for the song « Tout Doux, Tout Doucement »


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