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Our Boutique in Chelsea, Manhattan

📍245 ‪w 29th street‬, NYC

HOURS Monday- Friday 10AM-8PM | Saturday 12PM-8PM


You dreamed about it, we made it ! Our lovely and lively French Wink boutique is open from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm. 

Come to say « bonjour » and discover in person our fine grocery, cosmetic, fashion, kitchen, home decor and kids corners. We even have a pet section for your furry firends ;)

A little bit of France in the big apple just next to the OCabanon restaurant where you can enjoy lunch, diner and even a French apéritif during happy hour.

Eat, shop, love with the French attitude ;)

⁣There is two different ways to enter in our shop:
One says « EAT, SHOP, LOVE », the other one says « ADOPT THE FRENCH ATTITUDE» 😉

We are straight forward. When we speak about the French Attitude, we are not talking about the complaining part ;) But about a - stop the time and appreciate - state of mind.

Enjoy a good meal, a beautiful fabrics, an incredible craftsmanship, the perfect pairing between wine and cheese, between a top and a scarf, your skin and your cream or your lifestyle and your home decor.
It’s about taking time to discover and enjoy all the beauties around you.

And we LOVE seeing you hanging around for hours (for real!) in our boutique while taking your time to listen all the stories behind the products we have.
That one is from a young startup created by 2 French expatriates in New Jersey, this other is a 100 years old family owned company in south west of France, that dispenser is actually a short story dispenser etc...

Our store is hybrid and evolving. Every time you come you will discover a new brand, a new collection, a new set up. 

We love to surprise you. 

Lot of winks,

Claire & Myline