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CEOs Diary | Chapter 9: Creating our own brand

CEOs Diary | Chapter 9: Creating our own brand

Myline Descamps |

If you're following our stories with assiduity, you know that something is coming;) Drum roll please.... 2021 will be the year when we officially launch our own brand!! Working closely with the best craftswomen that shared our path over the years, we are creating our very own line of products!!!

A collection of essentials to transport you in our dreamed French Wink world

Between Paris and New York, between audacity and sensuality, between tradition and innovation.

Our first born: a trio of candles created in collaboration with Melanie Rousselet, the natural wax candle expert behind Artisane NYC.

Amour, Paris, New York

Blue, white and red notes with finely crafted fragrances to enhance your senses, make you smile and escape. French made in New York, those cute candles pay a tribute to Paris, New York and Love, the essence of French Wink. They can be purchased by set of 3 or individually

  • Our Fragrance Inspiration for  “New York” Feeling : Fall fragrance, gourmand, warm and cozy atmosphere, spices. We chose Spiced Apple. Notes of apple cider with spices (cinnamon, clove, nutmeg) to create a warm and cozy atmosphere yet, full of gourmandises.

  • Our Fragrance Inspiration for “Paris” Feeling: Light, clean, citrusy, green. We chose Lavender Citrus Two simple notes of lavender and lemon to create a fresh, citrusy and delightful clean fragrance that transport us beyond Paris in South of France where both of our families live.

paris candle

  • Our Fragrance Inspiration for “Amour” Feeling : Smoky, woody, sexy. We chose a combination of Dogwoods blossom, Woody and floral “mix” with notes of fig, walnut, violet, pine bark, iris, amber, cedarwood and tonka bean.

amour candle

More than just candles they are cute design pieces with their 2oz gold metal tin and their lids guarantee you to protect your candle from dust.

amour paris new york candles

We cannot wait to introduce you to the rest of the collection, t-shirts, hats and berets are coming very soon.... follow us on our journey! Our Instagram stories are the best way to stay up to date of our French Wink adventures. 

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