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CEOs Diary | Chapter 10: Expanding in the U.S.

CEOs Diary | Chapter 10: Expanding in the U.S.

Myline Descamps |

French Wink is expanding
While our eshop is booming, we are still strongly believing in retail. As you know, we love creating in-store experiences. They are very important especially for our products which need to be touched, tasted, smelled to recognize their quality and craftsmanship.
Covid19 situation is a big struggle for shopping in "the real world" but better time is coming and we will soon want to go outside, talk to people and listen to stories. That's all a physical store is about.

So our goal for 2021 is to expand ✨

We want to offer our curation and French Wink corners in existing France-related stores (concept stores, bakeries, groceries, etc) interested to add to their existing catalog some of our best sellers that will bring a nice and warmth touch to their retail space. 
You want a French Wink point of sale in your neighborhood?
Tell us at which door we should knock at first in your area? In which stores would you see a French Wink corner? 
Tell us in comments, tag them and help us spread our French attitude all around the U.S and Canada 😉.
You are a store or eshop owner ?
We are ready to add a French Wink boost into your store or website!
We will offer curated French products line to fit your clientele and brand identity.
Let's talk! 
Spread the word,
Lot of winks,
Claire & Myline
French Wink store

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