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CEOs Diary | Chapter 7: From pop-up stores to a permanent location

CEOs Diary | Chapter 7: From pop-up stores to a permanent location

Myline Descamps |

Before having our own store, we made pop-up stores all around the city. Our little France moved to Mulberry street, Greene Street, Elizabeth Street, West Broadway, 54th and 29th street and even Miami!!!

They all had different formats: mini store, huge showroom, garden parties, private sales, workshops, retail experiences, we had a blast every time🌟.

We worked for famous brands, French government's institutions, Made in France organizations following the goal to promote their brand and the French savoir-faire and lifestyle in the United States.

We worked from scratch, starting from a white box or an existing setting that we improve to meet our goals or clients' needs. We worked with teams : with graphists and designers, PR agencies, with task rabbits and our own (huile de coude) elbows' grease... it takes a village to bring life to these ephemera stores in such a way that our customers couldn't imagine for a second that the space was empty 2 days before. More than just stickers on the wall, we added a soul in a venue thanks to our determination to embody French hospitality. 

And it's kind of difficult after all these weeks of hard work to see the beautiful result last only for few days or weeks... so having a permanent location that we can transform over time and season is amazing!!

We live in New York city for almost 10 years now, and we don’t get tired of it even with its toughest sides ;)

Having a permanent store means being able to welcome our customers to a unique address, in our place, our home, our world, full of delicious food, delightful smells, luxurious beauty skincare, surprising apparel and cute gift ideas for all.

We are sharing that with our partners in crime next door, offering our customers the 360 degrees French experience at their table. OCabanon French restaurant with its brand new terrace and lot of French winks on the menu.

We just opened, last January, a new page of our French Wink adventure that we are writing with all of you.

Our lovely and lively French Wink boutique is open from Monday to Friday from 11am to 8pm. Come to say « bonjour » and discover in person our fine grocery, cosmetic, fashion, kitchen, home decor and kids corners. A little bit of France in the big apple just next to the OCabanon restaurant where you can enjoy lunch, diner and even a French apéritif during happy hour. Eat, shop, love with the French attitude 😉

📍245 ‪w 29th street‬

🎶 🎙 Music credit to the amazing French singer Chloe Perrier with her version of La Vie en Rose.

There is two different ways to enter in our shop:
One says « EAT, SHOP, LOVE », the other one says « ADOPT THE FRENCH ATTITUDE» We are straight forward. 😉

When we speak about the French Attitude, we are not talking about the complaining part 😉 But about a - stop the time and appreciate - state of mind.

Enjoy a good meal, a beautiful fabrics, an incredible craftsmanship, the perfect pairing between wine and cheese, between a top and a scarf, your skin and your cream or your lifestyle and your home decor.
It’s about taking time to discover and enjoy all the beauties around you.

And we LOVE seeing you hanging around for hours (for real!) in our boutique while taking your time to listen all the stories behind the products we have.
That one is from a young startup created by 2 French expatriates in New Jersey, this other is a 100 years old family owned company in south west of France, etc...

Our store is hybrid and evolving. Every time you come you will discover a new brand, a new collection, a new set up. We love to surprise you.

For those of you who are not in NYC, we ship our products to all the states and overseas. You can enjoy in one place French Gourmet Food, Beauty Products, Fashion, Home Goods, Books & Kids Toys. Made in France or French made in the U.S, we send French 𝑗𝑜𝑖𝑒 𝑑𝑒 𝑣𝑖𝑣𝑟𝑒 at your door.

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You can shop the usual way by categories but also by « Gift recipient» (for him, for her, for teen, babies and even your pets) or by collection (New York, Paris, Sustainable, wedding gift, baby shower, back to school, French Kiss, etc)

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