What We Do 

French Wink is a creative agency which curates turnkey brick and click experiences with a French twist. We help brands in their retail development in New York City and as we love to share and ship our favorite French gems worldwide through our marketplace.

As an agile and dedicated team who understands challenges faced today by the brands, we are here to assist your re-thinking and re-modeling the options in brick and mortar spaces. Our mission combines pop-up curation and experimental retail, from space design to media relations.

Who We Are

Upon moving to NewYork City, Claire noticed that French brands attempting to break into the market were struggling despite a high demand for French creations. Coming from a background in communication and with experience supporting artisans in France, Claire decided to dedicate herself helping these French brands to succeed.

Claire partnered with Myline, a French entrepreneur previously based in Asia where she started her own fair-trade company. Myline brought business and retail experience to the startup.

And then the concept of French Wink was born.