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Foam Earplugs Fluo - Quies

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Quies Foam Earplugs reduce loud noise by 35 dB and are extremely comfortable with the soft, smooth, and flexible foam. The anatomically shape of the Quies Foam Earplugs  is specially made to fits snugly inside your ear. 


  • 6 pairs box
  • Noise lowering value = 35 dB
  • Made of soft and smooth foam of polyurethane
  • Tapered shape for easy insertion and removal
  • Plastic box to protect and store earplugs
  • Composition : Polyurethane foam

How to use

  1. Shape the earplug by pressing it between the fingers
  2. Pull the external ear lobe up to facilitate the insertion
  3. While maintaining the earplug pressed, insert the foam in the ear canal
  4. In a few seconds the earplug will take its initial shape and perfectly adjust to the ear canal
Foam Earplugs Fluo - Quies
Foam Earplugs Fluo - Quies