Face Wash Gel - NERO Men Skincare

Face Wash Gel - NERO Men Skincare
Face Wash Gel - NERO Men Skincare
Face Wash Gel - NERO Men Skincare
Face Wash Gel - NERO Men Skincare

Face Wash Gel - NERO Men Skincare

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Elevate Your Cleansing Ritual

Dive into the luxury of our natural cleansing care, infused with Caviar. This elixir not only purifies but also transports your skin to realms of unparalleled luxury. Its gel texture, both sumptuous and non-sticky, cascades off effortlessly, revealing skin that feels velvety and pristine.

For the Discerning Gentleman

Our Clean Beauty formula, devoid of soap and contentious ingredients, is tailored for every skin type, including the most sensitive. Beyond the face, it's a sublime choice for beard refinement.

The Pinnacle of Daily Indulgence

Cleansing is more than a step; it's a lavish ritual, setting the stage for a visage that radiates elegance and vitality.

The Luxe Experience

This cleansing gel, a masterful blend, gently lifts away the day's touch, graced with botanical extracts like nettle, St. John’s wort, and burdock. Calendula, paired with the grandeur of caviar and algae, offers a sensation of unparalleled pampering, preparing your skin for the rituals that follow.

Application Secrets

Morning and evening, upon moistened skin: Dispense a pearl-sized amount of this luxurious gel. With grace, massage onto the face, neck, and behind the ears in circular motions. Rinse with finesse. For those moments of grandeur, indulge in its splendor during a shower, and consider it a prelude to your shaving ritual.

Destilated aqua (water), vitis vinifera seed oil, caviar extract, seaweed extract, calendula officinalis extract, elastin, collagen (soluble collage), extract, vitamin c, mastix, cocoabettaine, hypericum perforatum, cor. quercus sessiliflorae extract, walnut extract, nettle extract, burdock extract, saponaria officinalis, allantoin, chamomilla recutita, taurine (ethanesulfonic acid 2 - amino), d-pantenol, salvia, chenopodium bonus-henricus, sorbus aucuparia, paullinia cupana, fragrance, coffeine, cinnamon oil.

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