AL BARA Alum stone -

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Al BARA is born due to the encounter and friendship of 2 exceptional french and Syrian women.

Soaps and products are hand made in the historic family soap factory in Aleppo and manufactured in France.

  • 100% natural , Alum stone is natural deodorant with many advantages. Soothing and suitable for all skins, it can be used to clam shaving burns, stop blood flow in small cuts or waxing.
  • it can be used also for its astringent ability and antibacterial skills.
  • it is recommended to use on clean and dry skin. Dampen and apply to desired area: underarms, on the face or on the body during cuts.
  • Rince after use and allow to dry
  • Stone = 125g / ingredients : potassium alum

AL BARA Alum stone -
AL BARA Alum stone -