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Rendez-vous with PAYOT

Rendez-vous with PAYOT

Marine Lancien |

Rendez-vous with PAYOT : Amour is French ! 

Come to discover a French brand making cosmetic products based on innovative formulas from the latest scientific advances. A real love story between you and your body that we would like to highlight during our next event in La Boutique. We’ll treat yourself with complimentary beauty masks treatments, champagne, macarons & chocolate, the eve of Valentine’s day to celebrate YOU and your self love.

Don’t forget to RSVP and check out the collection.

About Payot

It all started 100 years ago when one of the first French female doctors Dr Nadia Payot had a revelation seeing in New York the ballerina Anna Pavlova. 

She understand the importance of movement in beauty treatments. The facial gymnastics combined with a very specific formula developed by Dr Payot gave birth to one of the most famous French cosmetics brand mastering skincare : PAYOT.

The products are made by a team of passionate experts in specific labs. They do everything to explore the secrets of the skin and develop treatment that respond to real beauty issues. They are based on precise, essential PAYOT charter and real founding commitments. 

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