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We adapt our Business | Our Local services

We adapt our Business | Our Local services

Aurelien PELENC |

French Wink and OCabanon would like to inform you about our new local services 😊

Back to basics... OCabanon is called « cave à manger » because in Paris a cave a manger is a place where you pick up a glass or bottle of wine and the restaurant matches it with the dish of the day.

So, Let’s go back to those roots! Everyday, for pick up or delivery, Alex and Armel - the owners - will suggest a pairing between a wine and a dish. Trust us when we tell you that OCabanon cellar is waiting for order 😉

The Hours of operation will be between noon and 6pm and delivery perimeter will be between the 10th and 6th avenue and 24th and 34th street (see the map).

Alex and Armel are the only one preparing the meals and handling the deliveries, all the hygienic regulations will be respected. They will be very careful in respect of the situation.

It’s also possible to order French Wink products from the boutique at the same time. If you’re looking to distract your children with books or other ludic activities you can find the Lunii storyteller toy to make them develop their creativity and imagination without a screen!
If you are looking for soap, the French savon de Marseille ou Petit Marseillais is also available with a variety of smells. All the groceries are available, and the baking mixes from My French Recipe are delicious 😋, try it !

Call us to know what’s available and what’s on the menu today: +1(646) 669-7879

You can also order all the products on our e-shop. 

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