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OCabanon | The French Hut in NYC

OCabanon | The French Hut in NYC

Aurelien PELENC |

Located in the heart of Manhattan, OCabanon is a family-run French kitchen where quality meets conviviality. In South of France, a Cabanon is a small shed where family and friends gather to eat, drink and talk. What a better place than New York to bring that French heritage and create new connections through French cuisine.

OCabanon brings together food, wines and friendship around the table. Sharing this life style with every customer was part of their raison d’être. They also wanted to combine quality and simplicity by offering dishes from all over France. 

What is a “cabanon”? It is a small hut, a shed in the backyard. In south of France, it is more than that. It is the place where family and friends gather together to cook, eat, talk for hours and share great moments and memories.

For them, it was a small kitchen where their grand-mother used to prepare her favorite dishes. There was always something simmering that smells like heaven, they recall. The door was always open and to gather everyone around the table.


To see their menu or make a reservation, visit their website: www.ocabanon.com


I came to this restaurant with 4 colleagues and we all had a great time. The menu is typically French and the food is really tasty. Very friendly staff and very good and fast service. There is also an excellent choice of wine – of course. Globally I was impressed with the overall quality of the food and wine and the prices are quite reasonable for what you get. I would definately come back again.


We had an amazing meal at Ocabanon! We started with the foie gras and followed that with perfectly cooked filet mignons. This was all accompanied by a perfect bottle of Bordeaux. The service was attentive and friendly. I can hardly wait to return for another fabulous meal!


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