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Confinement with small kids | Life saver tips #1

Confinement with small kids | Life saver tips #1

Caroline Diene |

You want a break, don't you?  We're sure that you're dreaming of it: 20 minutes for yourself reading an article, hugging your soul mate, drinking a glass of wine or a cup of tea in peaceful and quiet place. But as a perfect parent you don't want to surrender to screen devices every time right? 

You're saved! We found what you need! A device with no screen which is telling stories to your littles ones!

The Lunii Fabulous Storyteller is a perfect toy and activity for children from 3 to 8 years old.
They can build their very own adventure, it allows them to experience an immersive audio universe through an innovative screen-less device and original content. 

They will be able to chose there character, places, object and create there own story. It’s a great toy to develop the imagination and creativity of your Kids. This toy is both available in French and in English. 

And you can upload tremendous amount of new stories, historical figures, adventurous, more fairy tailish one, you will be amazed by how your kid will love this new device. And you will love your new YOU: a guilty-free grown-up allowing itself a well-deserved me-time. 

In this period of crisis, it will give them ( and you ;)) a little escape. 
You can also buy special headphones from Lunii to connect it to the Fabulous story teller.

Learn more here:


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