Our live with Marie-Laure Simoni Braun, CEO of famous French beauty brand Payot

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In case you missed it, we had a lovely conversation with one the most influential business women in the beauty industry: Marie-Laure Simonin Braun, CEO of Payot.

We talked about her professional journey, the secret of Payot expertise, the history behind the name of Dr Nadia Payot (one of the first female doctors in France!), its wink to the New York stage, the revelation about the link between beauty and movement and so much more!!!

✨We had a blast! Marie-Laure was live from her Paris apartment. Too bad it was to grey to see the beautiful Eiffel Tower from her window (probably next time;). We were live from our our boutique, located in Chelsea, NYC.

🎀 This event was published to gently close our Pink October campaign.

Both PAYOT and FRENCH WINK committed to reverse a benefit from our sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and to motivate you to support the cause, we offer you 15% off.
Discover Payot line 
Code Pink available for 7 days. Hurry up!


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