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Food for thoughts free of charge, meet our new short story dispenser!

Food for thoughts free of charge, meet our new short story dispenser!

Myline Descamps |

We are so happy to officially announce a new addition to our boutique.

Following our goal to always surprise you and enhance your experience when you come to our French store in Manhattan, here is our new addition : a complimentary short story dispenser! Wait what? Yes. Literally, a dispenser of short stories, the length of your choice (1, 3 or 5 minutes reading long), randomly in French or English!!
Isn’t it amazing? Some free food for thoughts while you are hanging around at the store or having a drink at the restaurant next door!

We have a lot coming. Very soon we will add a library corner with all the French books that Sandrine Kukurudz gathered for her collection « Rencontre des auteurs francophones ».

We will soon reopen on Saturdays and will be able to open a little cafe inside the boutique where you will be able to come and have a coffee or tea and some French viennoiserie, as if you were in Paris or a small town bookstore café that we cherish.

Soon as well - yes we’re more on the optimistic side of the road ;) - we will be able to have mini events for less than 10 people on our amazing mezzanine to organize private sales for our brands or book clubs or talks.

A big OUI to all creativity and new ideas!


More about the story dispenser:

Short Édition is a French publishing house of short literature: poetry, short stories, and flash fiction. In addition to their online platform, they publish fiction around the world via their Short Story Dispensers for the public to enjoy a serendipitous literary experience, free of charge. What better way to overcome those little moments of boredom or enforced waiting in your daily life—at work, on the bus, in the waiting room, or in the peace and quiet of your own home.

Short Édition aims to raise literary awareness, encourage new and emerging writers, and highlight the importance and timelessness of literature.

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