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CEOs Diary | Chapter 8: Our curation and gift sets

CEOs Diary | Chapter 8: Our curation and gift sets

Myline Descamps |

La crème de la crème!

For years now we are curating "la creme de la creme" of Made in France products that we think are worth to discover. Everyday, we are also highlighting French entrepreneurs who created their business in the US in order to get you French savoir-faire locally made.

Since the beginning of this year we curate gift sets and you love them! So we are willing to improve this custom made experience at its highest potential. Thanks to our wide range of french products, we are now able to offer personalized gift sets that fit the personality of the person you wish to please or your own.

Corporate gifts

We are receiving more and more requests from institutions and companies willing to offer a French experience to their clients or partners. So here is a set to start a discussion. But you know how flexible and creative we are so contact us and we will get back to you with ideas that suit your needs;) Our corporate gift set are perfect for a pic nic or French aperitif. They include: 2 handmade in France cocktail napkins, a pack of French biscottes, some tapenade (olive spread), some foie gras, a branded candle (with your logo) and for a final sweet note: our chocolate truffle Suchard, one milk and one dark chocolate et voilà ;)

Our customizable items

T-shirts, sweaters, kitchen towel, napkins, illustrations, apron, Chef vest, candles, we have everything to create the perfect gift. Let us help, we are gift experts ;)

Our gift sets

And if you believe us with closed eyes, we have some ready to send gift sets ideas with a French Wink: to celebrate thanksgiving, for francophile, for Her, for Him, our fall set to dive into the winter smoothly, etc. 

As our physical store, our eshop is evolving everyday. We add products, brands, gift sets ideas all the time! Visit us, follow our stories, shoot us an email if you need answers or assistance!

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