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Our 6 mission statements

Our 6 mission statements

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1️⃣🔛6️⃣ of our French Wink priorities: OUR CUSTOMER SERVICES

💬 Chat with us directly from our website
📧 Email us at
We are here to get you updates on your orders, help you shop, find out what you are looking for, resolve issues, gift you and write your personal notes to add to your purchase.
We’re a wink away to get your French fix at your door.


2️⃣🔛6️⃣ of our French Wink priorities: OUR CURATION

We are on the hunt every day for products that you will crave for. From iconic French brands to new seeds that have the potential to please you. And if we are not finding what we are looking for, we are creating it under our name, our brand!
Our curation is essential. It is what makes us French Wink. That one-stop-shop that you cannot find anywhere else. This unique door to french savoir-faire and lifestyle in the US.
And as we want to satisfy you more and get you exactly what you wish for. We need to know you better. So please, take the time to fill this 4min survey. It will help us tremendously


3️⃣🔛6️⃣ of our French Wink priorities : OUR VENDORS SELECTION

Everyday we speak to French brands willing to join the French Wink family. We carefully select the sellers we welcome and have a strong tie with them. If you'd like to become a seller, just fill the form!


4️⃣🔛6️⃣ of our French Wink priorities: OUR COLLAB & GIVEAWAYS

We promise one thing: you will NEVER get bored, and you’ll be spoiled 😉 French savoir-faire is endless and we are introducing you to new products and brands every week!! Stay alert as every month we’re launching giveaways full of gems and of great values to gift one of you ✨
Witches of French gems or good fairies of savoir-faire we’re also regularly creating collabs and shopping parties with surprising partners and secret venues 🤫
The best for not missing one opportunity to faire la fête?


5️⃣🔛6️⃣ of our French Wink priorities :


Each season brings a new gift set curated with love by the 2 of us among thousand of cute products and fancy brands.

Each occasion is an opportunity to celebrate yourself or your loved ones so we made it simple to choose from our seasonal sets ❀ currently Easter/Spring Gift set ❀ or our permanent ones such as our Paris box, our Gourmande, our Francophile, Macaron, our Bonjour mon amour…

Discover all our collection of French gift sets

6️⃣🔛6️⃣ of our French Wink priorities :


It’s our Versailles vibes with more fun ;) We want you to have the best experience, from your digital journey to our in-person shopping parties. Become our VIP • Join the French Wink family and get premiere of new arrivals, exclusive discounts and VIP invites to our gatherings. 

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