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Easy 3-step recipe to transport you to South of France in a wink

Easy 3-step recipe to transport you to South of France in a wink

Claire Obry |

Easy 3-step recipe to transport you to South of France in a wink!

🤫 Big French secret: It's all about the ingredients!

😋 You don't need to be a cook to prepare the perfect meal, it's the quality of the ingredients that counts. Here's 3 easy steps to indulge yourself and your loved ones with a traditional soup à la francaise. 

Step 01
You have two options.
1/ Make your own “croutons” pieces of toasted bread. This is a good way to use old bread and not waste it. You just put the bread in the oven to make it crispy.
2/ You can use our mini toasts, they definitely make the trick, they are delicious.

You then spread the magic ingredients, key of this recipe: la rouille. This precious condiment is a mix of red chili peppers and garlic.  

Step 02
Heat the fish soup without boiling. Our fish soup in a glass jar is one of the most highly regarded and highly rated fish soups in the world, made by Perard in Le Touquet.

Step 03
Assemble in a classic lion head tureen to fancy it up. Dive your croutons into the soup, spread with shredded Emmental or Swiss cheese and voilà! Bon appétit!

Fish soup

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