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Le Goûter: How To Snack The French Way?

Le Goûter: How To Snack The French Way?

Myline Descamps |

Le goûter
As French, we nostalgically remember our childhood snack time.

In France, “ l’heure du goûter” is important and 4pm rings the bell for every kid to enjoy a well deserved snack to fuel up in the mid afternoon. We’re glad to have a wide selection of biscuits from our childhood that will bring comfort and sweetness to grown ups and kiddos ;)

French goûter

You’ll find everything from the classics Savane, Prince, Mikado, BN, Granola or Pepito to the grandma’s memories with a baking mix to bake the famous “quatre quart de mamie - pound cake “ and spread on it some crème de marron ou Bonne Maman or the simpliest of all chocolate bar (or powder!) between two slices of bread 🥖🍫 🤩

French snack

Known as le goûter or simply le quatre heures, this period of the day is quite an institution in France. Its purpose is to keep kids going until dinner time without snacking randomly (French children generally eat later than Americans more around 7.30pm) and usually takes the form of a cake/biscuit/bread, plus milk/juice and some fruit.

Le goûter de mamie

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