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CEOs Diary | Chapter 12: Instagram Stories & A Tap On Our Back

CEOs Diary | Chapter 12: Instagram Stories & A Tap On Our Back

Myline Descamps |

Claire & Myline

Everyday, we are managing and handling our social media contents on our own. It is our way to stay connected with our customers and community. To do so, we self-thought ourselves by testing different tools and apps. We know what we want to say, what stories we want to share even if it’s often difficult technically to resume it in pictures. However we are glad to have found this past few months a real balance and are very satisfy with the results and how you react to them!

So you can imagine our joy when a professional of that field noticed our work and praised it!!! Thank you again @mythtomeasure for highlighting our work.

 ''We also love the boundless creativity of the @frenchwink account. A pretty French company based in New York, which develops its business thanks to Instagram. Every day @frenchwink puts on pretty stories that can be very inspiring for your future stories. This company very behind the scene allows us to see how every day the company evolves throughout the year.’' 


Sometimes it’s nice to receive a tap on your back, a little ''well done''.

Encouragements are the key to move forward, recognition of others efforts and talents is important. We are practicing this a lot between the two of us. Little ''yeah'' ''bravo'' ''merci'' from time to time, some ''bienveillance'’ which is part of the French Wink essence.

Our Instagram stories are telling you more about the behind the scene, about our curation, our work, sometimes our family (small size business routine ;)) our brands, our new arrivals etc. They allow ourselves to include our community in our adventures and its reactions orient our daily choice.


Our toolbox: LiveCollage, Bazaart, Preview.


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