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Winter is here! Discover a cosmetic born in the Snö and created by a badass - Olympic level speaking ;)

Winter is here! Discover a cosmetic born in the Snö and created by a badass - Olympic level speaking ;)

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Winter is here!

Well, while we were working like crazy bees to prepare and manage the holiday season for you we welcomed a beautiful and natural French cosmetic line made by a first class woman. The Olympic level kind of girl!!!

We never thought that French Wink will bring us so far on the top of the mountains ;)

Raphaelle Monod

10 years at the top in the French Ski Team Raphaëlle Monod is a World Champion & Olympic Silver medalist in Mogul skiing and Vice World Champion in Freeride skiing.

During her competition years, her skin was constantly exposed to the cold, water, wind, in the most extremes weather conditions. She learned how to protect it, using natural remedies from the mountains of the world she visited on her ski tours.

She founded SNÖ Eternelle to transmit this wellness experience, skincare knowledge and share the virtues of vegetal and essential oils.
Snö beauty line

* Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, exclusively sourced in Northern Europe
* Bio ORGANIC certified (Cosmébio / Cosmos Organic)
* Cruelty free certified
* Bottled in 100% natural and recyclable materials
“Freshness: the property of being pure and fresh (as if newly made); not stale nor deteriorated”
Over the years, the cosmetic industry has spent billions to improve their product stability and reach “eternal shelf-life”. However, numerous studies have shown that commonly used active agents, such as vitamins A, C and E, are unstable in cosmetic formulations. They begin to lose their beneficial properties in just a few months.

So here is the new line that we welcome warmly in the French Wink family. And It fits perfectly with our needs as New York - our home - is under the snow....

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