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Celebrate La Chandeleur with Delicious Crepes, French spreads and the right tools

Celebrate La Chandeleur with Delicious Crepes, French spreads and the right tools

Claire Obry |

As we approach la Chandeleur on February 2nd, it's the perfect time to stock up on all the essentials for a delicious crepe party. For those who may not be familiar, la Chandeleur is a French holiday that celebrates the coming of spring and is traditionally celebrated by eating crepes.

Eating crepes is not only delicious, but it's also a lot of fun! With a variety of spreads and toppings to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Imagine a spread of chestnut cream or organic honey or jams from Bonne Maman or fancier ones with poppy or champagne or absinthe or lavender with Confiture Parisienne.

You can even plan an entire meal with savory options to start, made from Sarrasin flour and topped with cheese and ham and eggs. We love it! ❤ The combination of sweet and savory spreads allows for everyone to find a crepe that they love.

We have sweet childhood memories and love to introduce our kids to this tradition. It’s very nice and playful as each guest is building its own crepe within all the options put on the table.
The crepes may be made in advance by the host. We also suggest adding a hint of orange flower water to the dough, it will transport you to a French bakery in a wink ;)

Let's celebrate the coming of spring by enjoying crepes, a symbol of the sun. Stock up on crepe mix, spreads, and all the necessary tools (whisk, mixing bowl and crepes turner) from De Buyer to make crepes at home. Order now, browse our Chandeleur collection and enjoy delicious crepes with your loved ones.


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