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Elevate Your Home Baking Game with Exclusive Silpat Molds

Elevate Your Home Baking Game with Exclusive Silpat Molds

Claire Obry |

U.S.A Exclusivity - Only on FRENCHWINK.COM

Attention all bakers! We are thrilled to announce that we now have four exclusive new references of Silpat molds available ONLY on French Wink! 
These molds are a must-have for anyone who loves to bake at home. Not only do they make for easy release and clean up, but they also provide consistent results every time. Plus, you can say goodbye to greasing and flouring traditional baking pans.

Baking is not only a delicious hobby, but it's also a comforting and nostalgic pastime. And with these Silpat molds, your baking experience will be elevated to new heights. Whether you're whipping up a batch of cookies for the kids or baking a special cake for a loved one, these molds will make your baking experience even more memorable.

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to elevate your baking game. Order now and join the ranks of professional bakers who have already discovered the benefits of Silpat molds. Happy baking!

1 - Silpat Mini Tartelette Mold 

It is a must for anyone who love hosting and surprise guests with amuse-bouche. Sweet or savory, this mini tartelettes mold will enhance any diners and apperitif experience. Make small tarts, pie, pizzas or even quiches ❤ We Love quiches!

tart mold
Did you know that the savarin was named after Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, a renowned 18th-century French gastronome and food essayist, lawyer, and politician. We love them soaked in a rum syrup. But sky is the limit, there is even sour recipe to enjoy!
savarin mold
Last but not least, those two are for the perfectionists!  They are for bakers who want to add a little twist, the ultimate cherry on the cake, this je ne sais quoi to impress their loved ones ;): 
twisted mold
rose mold

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