Savora Mustard - Amora

Savora Mustard - Amora

Savora Mustard - Amora

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Add some pep to your dishes with Savora mustard’s 11 spices and herbs!


Amora’s Savora mustard features malt vinegar, cayenne pepper, nutmeg, mustard seeds, cinnamon, curcumin, garlic, tarragon, cloves, celery, and thousand-flower honey. It has existed in France since 1899 and has achieved near-cult status.


Amora was formally created in 1919 by Armand Bizouard, in Dijon. After tasting his condiment, Bizouard supposedly exclaimed, “It’s a love of mustard, it will be Amora!” The name is a composite of the words “amour” (love) and “moutarde” (mustard). A decade and a half later, when Raymond Sachot took over the business, he was glad to discover that the word is also the name of the Egyptian god of the rising Sun (Amon Râ). To this day, Amora continues to produce some of the ingredients for its mustard in Burgundy.


Dijon is the capital of mustard in France; Dijon mustard is pale yellow, rather than the bright yellow of American mustard, and has a slightly creamy consistency. It’s more intense and nose-tingling than its US counterpart. Burgundy is known for its wines, and the mustard is related: it is grown in vineyards as a cover crop beneath the rows of vines, providing nutrients to the vines when it is plowed under. By the 1200s, Dijon was recognized as a significant area for mustard making and is now regarded as the mustard capital of the world. King Philip VI first used the mustard in 1336 which became popular roughly 500 years later when Jean Naigeon created the formula that replaces vinegar with verjuice. Verjuice is a juice made from unripe grapes and adds flavor to the condiment. Savora mustard goes one step further with its 11 spices and herbs!


What to make with Savora? Thankfully, it’s a condiment that adapts remarkably well to any dish. Add it to a sauce, a burger, savory cakes or pies, or a club sandwich. Savora goes especially well with meats – chicken, pork, you name it!


  • malt vinegar
  • water
  • mustard seeds
  • alcohol vinegar
  • wheat flour
  • sugar
  • salt
  • honey
  • cayenne pepper
  • nutmeg
  • cinnamon
  • curcumin
  • garlic
  • tarragon
  • cloves
  • celery
  • acidifying agent: citric acid, preservative: E224 (potassium disulfite)

Weight:  385g

Size: 13.6 oz

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