Panzani Pastas

Panzani Pastas
Panzani Pastas
Panzani Pastas
Panzani Pastas
Panzani Pastas
Panzani Pastas
Panzani Pastas
Panzani Pastas

Panzani Pastas

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We offer you a selection of Panzani pastas and one combo to allow you to save money.

  1. Coquillettes (elbow pasta) are best savored with a knob of butter or a dash of olive oil. It does not get more deliciously simply!
  2. Torti: Torti are best savored with a knob of butter and grated cheese or a tasty tomato sauce. It does not get more deliciously simply!
  3. Tagliatelle: With creamy sauces or lighter sauces, the Panzani Tagliatelle is on of the great pastas that nobody can resist. Pretty ribbons to sophisticatedly accommodate all your celebratory dishes. We love it with a great carbonara sauce :)
  4. Macaroni: that they are good! Especially gratin by the way. And even simply with a knob of butter, they remain the favorites of many gourmands.
  5. Spaghetti: our favorite! it's gourmet quality.... The Panzani Spaghetti  is one of the essentials that everyone loves. It is still the perfect partner for a good bolognese sauce!  
  6. Fusilli: Fusilli is often served with thicker sauces like meat sauces and heavy cream sauces, since the grooves in the pasta trap sauce.
  7. Penne Rigate: The Penne Rigate emphasizes the most diverse seasonings, sometimes traditional, based on meat or tomato, sometimes more innovative and original.
  8. Farfalle: Farfalle recipes often feature creamy sauces and it is the traditional pasta used in making the classic Eastern European dish.

Founded in western France by Italian immigrant Giovanni (later known as Jean) Panzani in the 1930s, Panzani has been a synonym for pasta for many decades in France.

With its name and the colours of its logo, Panzani pastas evokes south of France, Italy borders and its Mediterranean cuisine. In search of pleasure and delicacy, Panzani selects the best ingredients to make daily meals true moments of pleasure and togetherness.

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