Orange Flower Water - Antesite Noirot

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Noirot Orange Flower Water, or Fleur d'Oranger is a clear distillation of fresh orange flowers and is to be used as an extract in French baking and cooking.

  • 25 cl bottle
  • Made in France by Antesite Noirot, a herborist expert since 1898

The French use this orange flower water in wide range of recipes. First ever, the famous madeleines or brioche 🍊😋 Orange-blossom your life!

The ingredients are water and flavor, very perfumed (orange). It is very helpful to bake italian "panettone" (in this case you have to add 1 or two tablespoon at the panettone dough) You can mix the orange flower water and vanilla too. The combination works very well in all kind of cakes and cookies.

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