Dark Baking Chocolate - Nestlé Dessert

Dark Baking Chocolate - Nestlé Dessert
Dark Baking Chocolate - Nestlé Dessert
Dark Baking Chocolate - Nestlé Dessert
Dark Baking Chocolate - Nestlé Dessert
Dark Baking Chocolate - Nestlé Dessert
Dark Baking Chocolate - Nestlé Dessert

Dark Baking Chocolate - Nestlé Dessert

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Bring out the French cook in you with Nestlé Dessert’s Dark Chocolate!

This chocolate is flavorful and has a balanced aroma, and melts wonderfully. Made with carefully selected cacao beans and pure cacao butter, it’s the perfect selection to ensure that your baking adventures turn out well! From refined chocolate cakes and flavorful mousses to classic brownies and melt-in-your-mouth lava cakes, Nestlé Dessert’s Dark Chocolate bar will satisfy all of your baking needs.

Thanks to the Cacao Plan, Nestlé supports cacao growers to help them improve the quality of their cacao. They teach best practices, run field schools for skilled local labor, and provide resources to help farmers maximize their crops, amongst other programs.

In 1866, the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company was founded. The Americans Charles and George Page used abundant supplies of fresh milk in Switzerland and knowledge gained across the Atlantic to establish Europe’s first production facility for condensed milk in Cham. Meanwhile, in 1867, Henri Nestlé, launched “farine lactée” (“flour with milk”) in Vevey, Switzerland. It combined cow’s milk, wheat flour, and sugar. Nestlé developed it for consumption by infants who could not be breastfed, to tackle high mortality rates. By 1878, there was fierce competition between Nestlé and Anglo-Swiss. Both had started manufacturing the other’s key product. The two companies merged in 1905. They had over 20 factories and their sales network spanned Europe and North America but also Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Australia.

The Nestlé & Anglo-Swiss Milk Company helped the war effort in World War I by producing large amounts of basic dairy products for government contracts. Condensed milk is long-lasting and easy to transport, which made it popular with armed forces. For example, in 1915 the British Army starts issuing Nestlé canned milk to soldiers in their emergency rations.

Nestlé began selling chocolate in 1904 when it took over export sales for Peter & Kohler. The Nestlé company had played a role in the development of milk chocolate starting in 1875, when it supplied his Vevey neighbor Daniel Peter with condensed milk. In 1929, chocolate became an integral part of Nestlé’s business. Over the next few decades, they develop exciting new products such as white chocolate, chocolate bars with honey and air bubbles, vitamin supplements, and Nescafé. Nowadays, products like Nestlé chocolate bars, Nescafé, and Nesquik are the reasons the brand is well-known – and the reason you are on this page!


  • cocoa paste (West Africa, South America)
  • sugar
  • cocoa butter
  • emulsifier (sunflower lecithin)
  • natural vanilla aroma (Madagascar)

Cacao content: 52% minimum. May contain shell fruit, milk.

Weight: 7oz / 205 g


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