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Bring something new to snack time with Lulu Barquettes. These adorable cookies by LU look like little boats – the cookie floats and the jam is inside!

These tender biscuits are put together with quality ingredients: sustainably-farmed wheat, colza oil recognized for its low saturated fat levels, eggs, and fruit. The biscuit is a génoise, a fluffy cake that often serves as bases for complex cakes seen on shows like “Le meilleur pâtissier.” As for the center, choose between a strawberry or apricot purée.

The little mascot on the package is Lulu the baby bear!

A little-known fact: LU was formed in 1846 as a shared passion between two biscuit artisans: Jean-Romain Lefèvre and Pauline-Isabelle Utile. The acronym from their initials gave the company its name. LU products win a gold medal at the 1882 fair in Nantes (for more about LU and Nantes, read our Summer French Trip blog post here!)

With their LU’Harmony program, LU has helped French farmers grow wheat according to biodiversity-promoting and environmentally-friendly practices since 2008. Today, over 1,500 farmers have put these practices in place. The farmers are located as close as possible to factories; sign a charter outlining measures to help protect the environment; and take action to help preserve local biodiversity. For example, 3% of Harmony wheat fields are dedicated to flowers that help feed pollinators!

All Lulu Barquette cookies are made in France, in Charleville-Mézières. The town is known for its puppets and as the birthplace of the poet Arthur Rimbaud. For centuries, it has been a European crossroads, crucial for trade and war strategy.


  • glucose-fructose syrup
  • strawberry or apricot purée
  • sugar
  • wheat flour
  • eggs
  • wheat starch
  • pectin
  • citric acid
  • aroma
  • dry yeast


Lulu Barquette biscuits have no artificial coloring or preservatives.


Weight: 120 g

Lulu Barquettes - LU
Lulu Barquettes - LU