Cracotte - LU

Cracotte - LU
Cracotte - LU
Cracotte - Lunch inspirations
Cracotte - with jam
Cracotte - Inspirations

Cracotte - LU

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Cracotte - LU

Embellish your breakfast with Cracotte biscuits by LU. A toasted biscuit rich in grains, it will crunch under your teeth and melt in your mouth. It’s perfect for breakfast for the whole family! Cracottes can be prepared an infinite number of ways.

For a quick and classic breakfast, lather on jam (like this), butter, or a nut spread. Anything that would be good on toast will be good on a Cracotte.

You might also like to dip your Cracotte into a steaming mug of hot chocolate! If you’re feeling adventurous, wander into the realm of savory recipes! For instance, layer slices of ripe avocado and smoked salmon with a drizzle of lime juice for an avocado toast with a French twist. You can also serve Cracottes with dips – think tzatziki or spicy salsa – for a relaxed finger-food evening.

Regardless of your choice, Cracottes are 97% wheat, so you can be sure you’re starting off your meal on a healthy note!

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  • Wheat flour
  • Rye flour
  • Sugar
  • Powdered milk
  • Salt Palm oil
  • Mineral salt
  • Emulsifier: sunflower lecithin

Cracotte biscuits have added iron, no coloring, and no preservatives.

Weight: 250 g Each box has two separately-wrapped packs to maximize freshness.

About Lu

A little-known fact: LU was formed in 1846 as a shared passion between two biscuit artisans: Jean-Romain Lefèvre and Pauline-Isabelle Utile. The acronym from their initials gave the company its name. LU products win a gold medal at the 1882 fair in Nantes (for more about LU and Nantes, read our Summer French Trip blog post here!)

With their LU’Harmony program, LU has helped French farmers grow wheat according to biodiversity-promoting and environmentally-friendly practices since 2008. Today, over 1,500 farmers have put these practices in place.

The farmers are located as close as possible to factories; sign a charter outlining measures to help protect the environment; and take action to help preserve local biodiversity. For example, 3% of Harmony wheat fields are dedicated to flowers that help feed pollinators!

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