Chocolate Crispy Crepes - Gavottes

Chocolate Crispy Crepes - Gavottes
Chocolate Crispy Crepes - Gavottes

Chocolate Crispy Crepes - Gavottes

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You already knew and loved the original Gavottes ? Then do not miss the chocolate ones!

The Gavottes are one of the favorite and most famous specialties from Brittany. This chocolate variation on the traditional sweet crispy crêpes is perfect for an even more gourmet snack.
Choose your favorite between milk and dark chocolate.
Honestly, we recommend both as they are equally delicious but hey, it’s just our unbiased opinion ! ;)

The Gavottes biscuit factory was founded in 1920 in the town of Quimper, Brittany. The crispy, delicate crêpes dentelles have been popular ever since.
In 1886, in Quimper, Brittany, Marie- Catherine Cornic was making crepes on her kitchen stove.
Distracted by a multitude of tasks, she remembered about the last crepe way too late. But at the time, no food could be wasted so she decided to still eat the crepe and was actually so surprised by the crusty and golden lightness of her “creation”.
This is how the crepe was born and was later named “Gavottes” when they created the factory in 1920.
Today, over a century after its creation, Gavottes are known and loved in all of France and many countries across the world!


  • wheat flour

  • whole milk powder

  • lactose and milk proteins

  • barley malt extract

Contains: Gluten, milk, soy.
Non-GMO and contains no artificial flavoring and coloring.

Weight: 90g/ 3.17oz

Product of France.

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