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French Wink Beret

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French Wink Beret

Introducing the French Wink Beret - the perfect blend of French tradition and modern style. Made by the esteemed Maison Laulhere, a company with a long history of crafting high-quality berets since 1840, this beret is a true masterpiece.

The base of the beret is made from 100% French merino wool, while the headdress is decorated with a heritage badge and features a cute, discreet red heart - the French Wink signature. The beret is one size, stretchable up to size 60, and is authenticated by the Maison Laulhere rivet. The plate diameter is 28cm, and the beret comes delivered in a Laulhere travel bag.

And as one of the few companies labeled a "living heritage factory" by the French government (EPV), you can be confident that you're getting a truly authentic and high-quality product.

But the attention to detail doesn't stop there - the beret has also been embroidered by Marilou Desnoulez, a French female entrepreneur and vendor for the BICHON brand, based in Florida. 

Add a touch of French sophistication to your wardrobe with the French Wink Beret, made with love in France.

About La Maison Laulhere

You know us, we reached out to the best for this custom order: La Maison Laulhere, THE french beret specialists since 1840 that master its savoir-faire in the art of knitting, milling, felting, dyeing and colors. 

Since 1840, Laulhère has been the leading designer of French berets. The company manufactures high quality berets in France with a unique expertise.



  • 100% French merino wool base

  • Cotton headdress decorated with a Heritage badge

  • One size, stretchable up to size 60

  • Authenticated by the Maison Laulhère rivet

  • Plate diameter: 28cm

  • Delivered in a Laulhère travel bag

  • Made in France

How to Stretch your Beret

This beret adapts to all shapes of face and you can carefully stretch it to fit you the best: using your hands, grasp the beret firmly and pull it gently between your hands while turning the beret. If this is not enough, repeat the operation until you reach the desired size. Be careful, it is not possible to shrink a beret that is too stretched.


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