Fish Soup - Pérard

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Perard du Touquet’s Wild Fish Soup is super popular in France. This Soup is delicious and bursting with flavor. Made with 100% Natural ingredients, this soup also has no preservatives, is colorant-free and low in fat. A piece of crusty French bread is the perfect partner for this Wild Fish Soup! And if you really want to eat it the French way, you need to add some rouille to your cart! (famous French spread to apply on a toasted piece of bread and dip into the soup)

  • Facts: 27.5 oz. Product of France.
  • Ingredients: Water, 36% Fish varieties, Tomato, Corn starch, Salt, Natural flavorings, Various aromatic plants, Saffron. This SOUP contains OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS and is also rich in Vitamin B 12.

Pérard soup has humble origins. During World War II, Serge Pérard made fish soups from unwanted scraps scrounged at the end of the market in the fishmongers hall of the northern Boulogne sur Mer, France’s leading fishing port. Over the years, he perfected his recipe.

In 1963, Pérard noticed that there was no seafood restaurant in nearby Le Touquet, itself a considerable fishing port, so he opened Restaurant Pérard and placed at the top of the menu his fish soup from the war years, improving it with ingredients, like saffron, that were unavailable during the war. So popular was his soup that customers wanted to take it home. By 1964 Pérard had opened a small factory to produce the soup.

In 2001 the Restaurant Pérard was sold, but the fabrication of the soup continued and diversified. In 2010, Pérard fish soup became the first in France to receive the coveted “Label Rouge,” the red label bestowed on products of superior quality.