Extra Fine pickles - Martin Pouret

OCabanon SKU: 3165350000005
Extra Fine pickles - Martin Pouret
Extra Fine pickles - Apéro
Extra Fine pickles
Extra Fine pickles - Martin Pouret

Extra Fine pickles - Martin Pouret

OCabanon SKU: 3165350000005
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Extra Fine pickles - Martin Pouret

The most French pickles! These pickles are harvested in France, has no calcium chloride and are flavored with Martin-Pouret white Vinegar, mustard seeds, and pearl onions, They are extra crispy and perfectly tangy.

We recommend you to use these delicious pickles in your sandwiches, in apéros, in raclette, in fondue... or simply as a snack! 

  • 100% Made in France.
  • 9.52 fl.oz.

About Martin Pouret

Since 1797, the Martin-Pouret company has developed a unique know-how that allows it to elaborate products of an unequalled quality. The best of the Loire Valley, prepared in the best vinegar of Orleans, theirs. These gherkins were grown in the Loire Valley. Extra-fresh, as soon as harvested, they are marinated in their Orleans vinegar for your greatest pleasure.

When wine was transported by boat on the Loire to reach Paris. Orleans being the last river port of their journey, the wines that turned during the journey are disembarked and feed the 300 vinegar makers of the city. No less than 80% of France vinegars are then produced in Orleans.

They are still respecting traditional savoir-faire: that’s why their products, from vinegars, pickles and mustard are the finest!

For the famous “moutarde d’Orleans” the mustard seeds are soaked in wine vinegar are crushed with a stone wheel to obtain a fine, creamy and delicious texture.

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