Cristel Strate 7 Piece Cookware Set (Stainless-Steel)

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Stainless steel 7 Piece Set Strate, brushed finish, detachable handles from Strate collection. A must have in the kitchen, Strate Stainless steel 7 Piece Set contains:

  • 4 qt Stewpan + lid
  • 11” frying pan
  • 3.5 qt Sauté pan
  • 2 Long Handles

    The detachable handle system allows a perfect stacking of Cristel cookware to save space in drawers, cabinets and in the dishwasher.

    Thanks to the efficiency of their Cristel L Shape thermo-diffuser base, compatible with induction, the Strate Detachable handle system fits all kitchen sizes and will be a valuable ally for all your culinary preparations. Practical, the detachable handle system makes it possible to transform your stainless steel vessel into a serving dish by replacing the long handle with short handles.

    Strate cookware, is made of stainless steel 18/10, preserves the taste of your food and is easy to clean after cooking.


    Certified Made in France, BV Cert. 6019453.

    Cristel Strate 7 Piece Cookware Set (Stainless-Steel)
    Cristel Strate 7 Piece Cookware Set (Stainless-Steel)