Confiture Parisienne 4 CITRUS FRUITS JAM 8.8 oz

Confiture Parisienne 4 CITRUS FRUITS JAM 8.8 oz

Confiture Parisienne 4 CITRUS FRUITS JAM 8.8 oz

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Orange, grapefruit, clementine, kumquat, unrefined cane sugar, lemon, star anise, vanilla, cinnamon.

Yes, four, no less: the orange to stay classic, the grape-fruit to explode the bitterness, the clementine to correct the grape-fruit with a little sweetness and the kumquat to run all of them wild. Lets add a little cinnamon, vanilla, aniseed and we are off to taste a totally revolutionary citrus fruit jam while respecting the art of jam making.

We recommend trying this jam with gorgonzola cheese if you dare! Also good with comté.

Confiture Parisienne recipes have unexpected flavors.

But they still are made according to traditional, artisanal methods, without any additives or preservatives. Cooked in small batches in copper cauldrons, each jam is lovingly prepared, with a balance of ingredients that lets each one find its proper place and express its flavor to the fullest.

In the Confiture Parisienne atelier, all fruit is selected at the peak of the season, in close collaboration with small orchard farmers who are passionate about their produce.

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