Chipster - Belin

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Extremely popular in France, the Chipster Belin is a traditional, very light ,crunchy potato chip. 

Biscuiterie Belin (now part of LU) was founded by Gustave Belin more than a century ago in Bagnolet, near Paris.
Chipsters are Ideal for an aperitif, everybody loves it, no matter if they are children or adults!Enjoy it with family and friends, to share a warm and friendly moment!
And if you like Chipster Belin, don’t forget to grab some Monaco Belin or Croustilles Belin for the greatest aperitif!


  • potato flakes and starch 76.6%

  • palm oil

  • salt 3.6%

  • rosemary extract

  • Turmeric

  • May contain traces of wheat and milk.


Weight: 75 grams / 2.6 oz