BN · Casse Croûte - Classic French biscuit

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After the First World War, BN took advantage of its experience in the production of hard bread and launched its famous BN “casse-croûte” in 1922. This simple and economical cookie was a huge success and became a staple in the diet of workers and schoolchildren. It quickly became the emblem of the cookie factory.

BN stands for “Biscuiterie Nantaise” it was founded in Nantes in 1896. In the beginning, it produced, all sort of cookies. During the First World War (1914-1918), it produced the "war bread", a heavy bread of long conservation, intended for the combatants.

 The Casse-Croûte : a crispy biscuit containing 68 % of cereals. It is the perfect match between a sweet and well-balanced breakfast or an ideal teatime for authentic food addicts. Did you ever taste it with butter, jam or simply soaked in a cup of milk?

No artificial coloring, no preservatives added, no hydrogenated fat.

Ingredients: WHEAT flour 68% - sugar - vegetable fat (palm) - WHEAT starch - glucose syrup - baking powders: ammonium and sodium carbonates - salt - flour treatment agent: l-cysteine - LACTOSE and MILK proteins - aroma.

Made in France