Aroma - Maggi
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This aroma is a seasoning like salt and pepper. A few drops of Arome are enough to sublimate with a simple gesture your vinaigrettes, marinades, omelettes or all your fried!

Aroma Maggi is a salty liquid condiment. It is known throughout France; even people who do not use it at home have seen the famous brown liquid bottle at the café. Considered in France as a basic universal condiment, it is used in the most varied culinary preparations and is very appreciated for enhancing the taste of food.

This product was invented in 1886 by Jules Maggi. At that time, the Maggi company was already producing ready-to-cook soup flours. To create the Aroma, Jules Maggi (1846 - 1912) was inspired by the discovery made by two chemists, the Frenchman Henry Braconnot and the Swedish Jakob Berzelius, in the first half of the 19th century.

Storage conditions: After opening, keep at room temperature.

Ingredients:  Water, cooking salt, wheat proteins, flavour enhancers (sodium glutamate E631), sugar, flavour, acidifier (acetic acid).

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