Artisanal Soap with Organic Craft Blond Beer - La Savonnerie Du Malt

Artisanal Soap with Organic Craft Blond Beer - La Savonnerie Du Malt
Artisanal Soap with Organic Craft Blond Beer - La Savonnerie Du Malt
Artisanal Soap with Organic Craft Blond Beer - La Savonnerie Du Malt

Artisanal Soap with Organic Craft Blond Beer - La Savonnerie Du Malt

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Artisanal Soap crafted with Organic Blonde Beer - La Savonnerie Du Malt 100g

Discover the nourishing soap crafted by La Savonnerie Du Malt with 7% overfat, offering a gentle touch beneath its lather. Infused with the subtle scents of Virginia cedarwood, peppermint, and vetiver essential oils, this soap is your ally for a refreshing experience.
Enjoy a rejuvenating moment with this eco-friendly organic blonde beer soap.

La Savonnerie du Malt is the first organic artisanal beer cosmetics brand in France. It crafts original and organic cosmetics with local made beer. Both cosmetics and beer are made in Auvergne, a natural region in the centre of France, at the foot of the longest chain of vulcanoes range in Europe, where Volvic water flows. 

- Gentle touch
- Refreshing experience
- Mentholated scent
- 7% overfat soap
- Long-lasting soap

This eco-friendly blonde beer soap, infused with organic artisanal beer, is crafted from ingredients sourced from organic agriculture:
- Olive oil
- Coconut oil
- Sunflower oil
- Beer
- Virginia cedarwood essential oil
- Peppermint essential oil
- Vetiver essential oil

Beer is known for its hydrating and nourishing properties

This soap is certified by "Nature et Progrès" (French Eco-label emphasizing holistic sustainability and ethics.)

How to Apply
- Wet the soap and rub it directly onto your body to create a gentle lather and exfoliate your skin.
- Massage and rinse.
- Allow your Bottleless Shower Gel to air dry after each use to extend its lifespan. For a perfect drying after use, try our soap holder with suction cup or our soap pouch.
Explore La Savonnerie Du Malt

"La Savonnerie Du Malt" specializes in crafting high-quality artisanal soaps and cosmetics, combining traditional soap-making techniques with a passion for beer.

A hallmark of the brand is the creative use of artisanal beer as a key ingredient, adding unique dimensions to each bathing experience. From subtle and refreshing scents to bold and exotic notes, we offer a diverse range of soaps, each designed to provide a luxurious lather and leave the skin soft, nourished, and delicately scented.

The soap and shampoo production method (cold process) minimizes energy consumption by avoiding ingredient heating.
Products are manufactured in the centre of France, near by Clermont-Ferrand. Ingredients are locally sourced whenever possible. The beer is produced 35 km from Clermont-Ferrand, and the oils are from the Lapalisse oil mill in Allier, also in the centre of France.

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