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A traditional French Cookie : the Granola LU is an inimitable blend sablé shortbread topped with a thin layer of milk chocolate.

LU (that are the initials of Lefèvre-Utile) was created in Nantes, France in 1850 by Romain Lefèvre and his wife Pauline-Isabelle Utile.
They initially sold biscuits from an English company but soon created their own little family business, baking cookies and labeling each package with their initials, LU.
Lu is now one of the most famous French brands for biscuits, cookies and snacks.
Lu Biscuits are now distributed by Mondelez International and available in over 100 countries including in the United States. 
The Granola LU is going to become one of your favorites for breakfast or as a snack as it pairs amazingly with coffee.
Our French tip? We LOVE it in the morning while enjoying a cup of Nestlé Ricoré or Carte Noire!


  • wheat flour 42.7%

  • milk chocolate 29%

  • vegetable oil

  • Sugar

  • whole wheat flour 5.9%

  • sugar syrup

  • raising agents: sodium hydrogen carbonate

  • ammonium hydrogen carbonate

  • Salt

  • Acid


Weight: 200 grams / 7 oz


Due to the warmth weather, our chocolate related products may arrive melted. If you choose to order them, we won't be responsible.


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