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We're growing and we need your help

We're growing and we need your help

Claire Obry |

We are about to get out of our comfort zone to expand our brand and grow even more this amazing community. To meet investors and raise capital... it's scary, but exciting!

We created this unique French online one-stop-shop back in March 2020 just after our store had to close, only two months after it had opened. Two years later, our marketplace has grown beyond our hopes and we are so grateful for our community that has supported us throughout this journey. Being two female entrepreneur and mothers of 3, building this e-shop during difficult time was quite a challenge, but resilience, hard work and patience has paid off!

French Wink was born from a desire to share our joie de vivre and French gems in the U.S. and around the world. Now is the time to take things further and expand our activities beyond North America! And that's exactly where we need your help.

How to help!

  1. Answer this quick survey to help us improve our activities
  2. Review your purchase by adding a review on the product's page
  3. Give us a good reviews on Google so other Francophile can find us
  4. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social media
  5. Talk about us to your friends and family!

Finally, if you would like to get involved in the business side of French Wink, wether from advisory, capital or creative perspective, don't hesitate to reach out at - any reference, ideas and suggestions are precious!

Love and winks,

Claire & Myline

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