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Confinement | Live saver #2

Confinement | Live saver #2

Marine Lancien |

Treat yourself while feeling good about yourself.

We all heard the story about the bad effects of chemical-based cosmetics products. About how important sustainable and handmade beauty products are to preserve the environment.

But maybe you tried to make your homemade cream or saw some tutorials online, that may not seems very appealing... not everyone is homemade rocking machine;)

We found a brand that we love for its dedication and line of products. Pachamamai is the 1st brand in France to have owned the label ''vegan''.

The Pachamamai products goals it to use natural elements and create a Vegan and zero waste product. So this is it: the Solid Cosmetic. A shampoo or deodorant in a bar! How far it is from our daily routine! But let's give it a try. The first uses are a bit strange but you will recognize right away the benefits. Products lasting longer, less packaging, smaller items, better ingredients etc...

You can find the solid shampoo for all hair types. Vegan & Artisanal, with a gourmet scent and generous foam. 

Solid and durable deodorant created with purifying and absorbent ingredients. 

We also have an innovative facial care: This solid elixir is formulated with precious oils. The skin is smooth, protected and hydrated with a non-greasy finish

Natural bamboo toothbrushes are also available for you ;) 

Try it and tell us what you think!

Watch this video for more informations about the brand : 

We Support the French Art de vivre and handmade products through this brand and their collection. 


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