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Step up Your Nail Game with These Natural French Brands, some of them featured in NY Magzazine or Vogue!

Step up Your Nail Game with These Natural French Brands, some of them featured in NY Magzazine or Vogue!

Claire Obry |

Nail polish

Myline and I have been searching for a nail polish brand for a long time! Until now, we only referenced Nailmatic, the super cute natural nail polishes brand for kids (which wash off with


But finally, three years after the opening of our marketplace, we have not just one but two nail polish brands!

1/ A new brand bio-sourced, made in France, and 100% vegan

The first one, which is already available, is a bio-sourced, made in France, and 100% vegan brand. I fell in love with their terra cotta color, which I use on my feet. (Pic from our first pic mix of the year in Central Park 💚


Myline and I are unable to keep nail polish on our hands! We open too many boxes coming from France and close too many packages to send to you around the US (tape and nail polish are not friends lol) to have the luxury of having pretty and manicured nails all the time.

But my personal preference is to always have my feet done; winter or summer, I like to see my pretty and polished feet, which helps me feel good about myself. I am one of the first in NY to bring out sandals as soon as spring arrives - which always makes my friends laugh and surprises those who know me less. But I am a girl from the south of France, from Nice, and living in sandals is my philosophy, so it really takes rain for me to accept putting on closed shoes and socks once spring arrives;) And since I love being barefoot, having manicured feet is a must that I don't want to miss. JCH Respect offers 11 shades to play with :))


2/ Everything you need to take care of your nails


nail care


We now have everything to take care of your nails from clippers to files, to scissors. Everything! ✂

3/ A new best rated and fancy nail polish brand

Nail Rose oil infusion

Our second brand, which is coming soon, is fancier and will offer a hundred colors for you to choose from!!! It will be more expensive, but has already been spotted by celebrities like Senia Miller in Vogue or the NY

They are recognized by the profession for their care and especially for their organic nail rose infusion. Kure Bazaar have been delighting Saks New York customers for several years with their beauty corner :) (To book an appointment, click here. And soon, dear friends, you will have the opportunity to shop for them on :))


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