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"Se faire un canard": The French Art of Sweetening Your Beverage

"Se faire un canard": The French Art of Sweetening Your Beverage

Claire Obry |

faire un canard

If you're a francophile or have spent time in France, you may have come across the expression "se faire un canard." Literally meaning "to make oneself a duck," this expression refers to the practice of dunking a cube of sugar into coffee or alcohol and then slowly sipping on it. While this may seem like a simple act, "se faire un canard" is actually a cultural and emotional practice that adds depth and meaning to the act of drinking.

First, let's look at the mechanics of "se faire un canard." The practice involves placing a cube of sugar on a small spoon or even using your fingertip, dipping it into the coffee or alcohol, and then letting it slowly dissolve as you sip on the drink. This method adds a subtle sweetness to the beverage and is a traditional way of enjoying coffee and alcohol in France.

But "se faire un canard" is not just a practical way of sweetening your drink. It is also a cultural practice that reflects the French appreciation for taking pleasure in small things. The visual aspect of seeing the sugar cube slowly absorbing the beverage can be quite pleasurable, and the act of using one's finger to retrieve the sugar cube adds a personal touch to the experience.

Claire's childhood memories in South of France

''For me, "se faire un canard" brings back fond memories of my grandmother. As children, we were not allowed to drink coffee obviously, but my first taste of coffee was thanks to an ''allowed'' canard. My grandmother always allowed me to dip one cube of sugar into her coffee, and it was a moment of great excitement and privilege. I carefully watched as the sugar cube absorbed the delicate beverage and then slowly put it into my mouth before it dissolved. It was a small but special moment that I will always remember.''

Another way the French have found to add a little sparkle to their day is by adding sugar cubes to their espresso without stirring it. A little bit of sugar remains at the end, and we adore this small pleasure found in the middle of an afternoon under the sun.

So, next time you enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of alcohol, consider trying "se faire un canard." Take a moment to appreciate the small pleasures in life, savor the sweetness, and connect with the rich cultural traditions of France.

Note to yourself, un canard can be done as well using a cookie ☕️🦆🍪

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