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Preparing some cute holidays entrees ideas

Preparing some cute holidays entrees ideas

Claire Obry |

The perfect mold for sweet or savory mini cakes to amaze your guests for the coming holidays!

During the holidays, we love to cook for our loved ones and dress up nicely our tables with an extra attention to each plate. So, we really like the option to prepare individual cakes rather than slicing a big one. It’s fancy and delicious at the same time.

Our mini loaf molds are made in France by the best baking essentials specialist: SILPAT. Their baking sheets and molds make baking so much easier, fun and healthier as they don't need to be buttered or oiled. 

There are hundred of recipes to play with when it comes to savory cakes;  you just need a salad to complement it and tada you have the perfect entree.

Some of our favorites are: bacon and cheese, all cheese, olives and ham, Roquefort cheese and walnuts, salmon and dill, … or even fancier : chestnuts and foie gras :)

And those are just our savory favorites. We will share more sweet ideas soon!

mini loaf mold

Let us know if those savory ideas inspire you and we will share the recipe for the most requested one! Vote in comments.

  • bacon and cheese
  • all cheese
  • olives and ham
  • Roquefort cheese and walnuts,
  • salmon and dill
  • Chesnuts and foie gras 

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