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Our 4 favorite influencers to make your life frenchier

our favorite francophile influencers

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francophile influencers

As the unique purveyor of such a large selection of French products and French brands in the US, we are regularly solicited for collaborations by influencers. 

We are very careful with our partnerships as it implies opening our community to someone else. Here are our 4 favorite influencers who will make your life frenchier in a fun way like we do everyday.  

1 - Speak French with Cecilia behind @hellofrenchnyc

We really like Cecilia’s hybrid content. While you will mainly learn French words and culture, Cecilia is subtly addressing issues important for her such as inclusivity, mental health, and fights against strong cliches about French and it’s really refreshing.

Website x Insta

2 - Cook French with Anina behind @lechefwife

Anina works in hospitality and is married to a famous French chef. We love her content, sharing easy French recipes and home cooking tips. Anina is often wearing our signature French Wink apron ;)

Blog x Insta

3 - Look French with Rebecca behind @everydayparisian

Rebecca is a francophile writer and photographer, deeply in love with Paris. Based in Chicago, she shares her favorite French brands, books and prints. 


4 - Live French with Samantha behind @gofrenchyourself

Sam is based in Tulsa and shares her very own universe and aesthetic everyday about her French favorites' things (it could be about travel +beauty +style +interior +food and her dog Melivin ;)


And don't forget our own Instagram and Facebook accounts where every day, we share stories behind our favorite brands and products, backstage reels about our life in New York, our store, our delicious dinners and private shopping parties in the big apple 🙂 🗽

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