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Made in France | French touch & Craftsmanship that amaze all of us!

Made in France | French touch & Craftsmanship that amaze all of us!

Caroline Diene |

When we say French craftsmanship what are the pictures popping up in your mind?

For us, at French Wink, it is all about territories history, transmission, excellence and quality.

The DNA of our e-shop products has been forged in a story that is frequently written on both continents, in France and in the United States.

However some of them, if they are not created by French entrepreneurs in USA, are entirely made in France.

Conceived and manufactured in France, these products rely on the know-how developed for generations in the French production region. The right gesture, the precision, the search for excellence are at the heart of the process and often there is also the story of a woman, a man or a family of entrepreneurs, behind all this…

This is the case of the Degrenne Normandy cutlery you can find on our e-shop. Did you know that it was the very first cutlery created by Guy Degrenne in 1948 and reissued for the company’s 70th anniversary in 2018? It was how the great adventure of this passionate goldsmith began.


Through the centuries, Revol Porcelain has developed a very unique expertise in manufacturing culinary porcelain. In 2000, the French company launched the Froissés collection. This little cup is a huge success and it becomes a cult object.


Several other brands Made in France you can find on our our e-shop that we love, we trust and we are proud to sell:





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