CEOs Diary | Chapter 3: How to make every French expatriates' dream comes true?

What do French women and mothers living in the US miss the most about their home country? - Monoprix often comes in the top 3 as well as a real "parapharmacie à la française".

A parapharmacie is the ultimate health and beauty destination with a French touch. It is all about health, beauty, wellness, natural medicines usually in a cosy and safe environment where it smells and feels good to be.

French people are culturally interested in skin care, prevention and beauty routine more than cosmetic treatment. We carefully choose our skin care based on their quality and composition rather than on trends and fashion. We also keep in mind our mother and grandmother advices for skincare tips and brands.
Recently a lot of historical and well known beauty brands innovated and new organic and eco friendly brands emerged.
With all that in mind we tried to gather brands and products that we usually find in “parapharmacies". Over the years we welcomed cosmetic and beauty brands to please and offer a French beauty or healing touch for all the family and all ages. Well known brands that proved their benefits and newly ones who are using mother nature, probiotics in their composition and involves the protection of our environment in their production.

Discover all the brands we support in our French Wink parapharmacie corner that we are willing to expand! A bigger corner in our Chelsea boutique or even better an entire pop-up store in New York to transport you in one of our favorite place in France.





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