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Let the colors pop with Tissage Moutet!

Let the colors pop with Tissage Moutet!

Gabriel Carriere |

Let’s flee this cold winter and dive in a world of colors!
Color is what makes Tissage Moutet Unique. This now century old company has modernize the traditional Basque weaving industry with its range of colors and designs that makes them recognizable by many. The company knows like no other one how to mix unpredictable colors like orange, pink, turquoise, yellow and associate them with contemporary designs to French up your kitchen. Still family owned and now led by a mother & son team, Catherine and Benjamin Moutet, the company is one of the few who received the EPV label (Living Heritage Company) recognizing his role in helping to keep French history and tradition alive.

And the shinny news is that you are invited to celebrate Tissage Moutet 100 years anniversary with us at Ocabanon restaurant on Monday the 4th. First comers will get a surprise and all will benefit for 20% off on the new Spring/ Summer dish towels collection. Non New Yorkers are not forgotten as you can enjoy the same discount on our e-shop until the end of the month with the code BIRTHDAY at check out.

Because every French Wink event needs some colorful surprises, we are pleased to announce the participation of one of our favorite artist, Carole Jury. Carole will highlight the celebration with a live artistic performance letting her color palette be inspired by Moutet’s collection.

Last but not least, you’ll enjoy delicious French treats made by the Ocabanon team as a Bio Planet oil tasting bar.

Hope to see you on Monday!

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