If you’ve been suffering from a serious case of Francophilia...

by Claire Obry
We’re so honored 🤩
Amazing highlight by one of the most Francophile blogger here in the US.
Merci 💙🤍❤️
« If you’ve been suffering from a serious case of Francophilia, including moderate to severe symptoms of travel withdrawal, French Wink boutique in NYC is just what the doctor ordered.
Founded by two fabulous French femmes, the West Side shop is fully stocked with an array of authentic French goods and gifts, specialty items, and exclusive imports by beloved French brands—from luxury skincare to gourmet treats, home decor, kitchen essentials, bijoux, clothing and accessories, and seasonal gifts—that you’d be hard-pressed to find this side of the Atlantic.
The good news: you don’t have to be an NYC local to enjoy the full effects of this shopping prescription. You can shop the entire boutique online and enjoy all of the latest must-haves shipped straight to your door. »
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